NERO 4S Technical Specifications

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Projection Type   


Digital Light Processing (DLP Type 0.66 in.)

1-chip 3840x2160

Projection Lens


New lens NERO 4 platform:

High-quality glass 1.36 ÷ 2.68 ± 5%

Zoom range (ratio): 1.96x

Throw Distance 2,5m ÷ 9m for focus range, optimized@2.98m

Focal Length (f) (mm) 19.975(Wide) ~ 39.811 @ 2.98m

F Number 1.71(Wide) ~ 2.59 (Tele) @ 2.98m

Image Resolution


4K UHD (support to 3840x2160@60Hz, 4096x2160@60Hz) 1

Dynamic Range 

HDR10 and HDR Hybrid-Log gamma compliant, with dedicated Display Modes and 4 presets to cover the screen  size  variations.

Color Gamut


Any NERO 4S GS is factory adjusted to reach the DCI-P3 standard.

Selecting the LCC-DCI color gamut.

Lens shift 



Horizontal: ± 30% offset, ± 5%
Vertically: ± 75% offset, ± 5%


Setup zoom, focus and digital lens shift (H,V) values with ten different screen format memories.

Light Source

465W lamp (dimmable) > 6.000 Ansi Lumens